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Light warrior, adventure seeker, love junkie, naturopath, nutritionist & wellness teacher living in Bali on the global and cosmic search of finding PURPOSE & PASSION & PEACE ....



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Your body = Self Mending Genius.
Did you know that your body is a self-mending genius? Well my friends it certainly is and when I truly discovered this phenomenon and completely understood it on every level of my being, the way I looked at my body and the way I treated it on a daily basis changed forever….

Continue reading over at the blog where I share my top 5 tips for putting your body into repair mode & talk about what I learnt from my home boy, Hippocrates 😜

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I used to get hung up in the “doing” of creativity & expression, always focused on an end goal with an agenda. It was forceful & challenging & tiring. Now I realize that every second of everyday is a creative expression of life itself. Creativity doesn’t have to mean sitting down writing a book, doing craft or painting. It is you, in your full beautiful expression, your authenticity & uniqueness. You don’t have to do anything to be creative & expressive; you just have to be. It is in our being that our true expression shines through us & the creative juices of our soul have room to dance. Let go of all your struggles with expectations & conditions & just be YOU, in all your magnificent glory. #creativity #beyou #expression #dance #meditation #movement

I’m usually a green juice drinking, salad guzzling alkalizing foodie BUT some days call for a nice glass of red with fresh baguettes & garlic prawns at one of my fav restaurants in Ubud, Kebun with my man. I gave up on food restrictions a long time ago & switched my focus from ” what can I have?” Towards “what will serve me the best in this moment” it’s changed my whole world & definitely the health of my body & now every moment I have with food is filled with love & service to me. That one glass of red wine was exactly what I needed last night & I savored every last sip. When you are in tune with your body & do what feels right for you at the time then happiness eventuates! Cheers πŸ‘πŸ’‹ #bodyawareness #lettinggoofalltherules #yourheartknowsbest #ubud #bali #listentoyourself #tunein #happiness (at Kebun Bistro)

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