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Light warrior, adventure seeker, love junkie, naturopath, nutritionist & wellness teacher living in Bali on the global and cosmic search of finding PURPOSE & PASSION & PEACE ....



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This gorgeous woman, Ibu Komis, makes me the best & most epic smoothies everyday! Today’s was a bright pink dragon fruit combo….so yummy! She makes all our juices, smoothies, broth, & raw soups at our @naturalinstincthealing detox retreat! Everyday she greets me with a new concoction she’s whipped up & I’m so happy to be a taste tester! #livingthedream #naturopath #nutritionist #naturalinstincthealing #detox #detoxretreat #health #healing #healthretreat #sustainableliving #smoothie #juiceforhealth πŸ“πŸ‰πŸπŸŒπŸŽ

Planning another south of France trip already! Do you ever get that energetic pull from a special place in the world ~ that deep inner calling from Mother Earth that can even wake you up at night? For me it’s always been Peru, India & Bali (so much so I ended up living here) but lately a specific region in the South of France has added to the mix. I love receiving that “call to adventure” as I know amazing things await for me there! If you know what I’m talking about then where on this sacred earth do you get strangely pulled to? ✌️✨ #france #mindbodysoul #calltoadventure #sacredearth #innervoice #adventure

**Brisbane Friends** I am teaming up with @katherinemaslen for the one day seminar to share with you our combined wisdom, knowledge and support to share with you what it really means to detox on all levels. It’s not just about drinking green juices – you’ll learn how to heal, transform and cleanse your body on every level though the power of detoxification and be given tools required to move forward in your own personal wellness journey.

When: Sunday September 28th

Where: Adina Apartment HotelBrisbane. 15 Ivory Lane, Brisbane 4000 QLD

Time: Full day 10am – 4pm

Investment: $79 ($69 early bird discount until 14/09) includes delicious healthy nutritious lunch and afternoon tea.

For bookings head over to http://katereardon.com.au/events/

Was gifted this beautiful sacred smudge stick from a dear soul sister from Mount Chasta ~ which is known by mystics, gurus & sages as a vortex of high energy on this planet that acts as a portal into higher realms of consciousness. A very sacred mountain in Northern California. πŸ’« In the healing world Mount Chasta is always spoken of & one place I have not yet visited. I recently had a dream I needed to go and get some herbs from there to add into my healings sessions ~ 3 days later this magic stick is in my hand! Love the way the universe works & I’m so happy to be able to use this in my healings today! βœ¨πŸ™πŸŒŸπŸ’« #healer #healing #visualization #mountshasta #smudgestick #herbalmedicine #ilovemyfriends #intuitive #ilovemyfriends #inspiredliving #meditation #metaphysicalhealing

So honored to be sharing my healing meditations & guided visualizations more & more both in person & also via the recordings. I absolutely adore this work & love receiving all the feedback from all over the world from people who have been listening to the ones I have recorded.

To all who has written to me lately, my deepest heartfelt thanks & gratitude to you.

To read about my journey into meditation head over to my blog http://katereardon.com.au/my-journey-into-meditation/ & all healing recordings can be found in the store.

The biggest lesson meditation has taught me is this “if you want to get out you have to go in” βœ¨πŸ™πŸŒŸ
#meditation #mindbodysoul #metaphysicalhealing #visualization #healer #healing #yoga #nature #breathwork #blessings

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